Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s (Video)

Greg O’Brien is the author of On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s. It is the first book written by an investigative reporter embedded inside the mind of Alzheimer’s chronicling the progression of his own disease. On Pluto has won several international book awards, and has been the subject of numerous television, radio, newspaper and magazine stories.

One thought on “Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s (Video)

  1. Deirdre Fay (@defay) says:

    Really grateful to see this video. I am offering deep appreciation to Greg O’Brien for his honesty, his courage, and his willingness to be vulnerable in the face of such a difficult situation.

    I passed on the video to a client who is worried about his partner. While doing so I remembered a friend I went to social work school who I hadn’t seen for years. When I ran into her one day she didn’t recognize me and explained it by telling me she had early onset Alzheimers. She and her husband had gotten married a couple years before this happened. My heart went out to him, to her and to all of us.

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