Is our perception of the world just an illusion?


Until recently, the task of applying what we know about the brain to the bigger question of personal human experience has been avoided by scientists. However the emergence of the new discipline of neuroscience – the scientific study of the nervous system – is helping us to bridge this gap by providing new ways to answer such old questions as – do we experience the world as it really is … or as we need it to be?

In this provocative and game changing talk, cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman goes to the very heart of what we understand to be real by showing examples that our perception of reality is faulty and that that modern science is merely a one-dimensional take on what is really going on around us.

This idea shifts our current way of thinking about what is actually real

Conclusion: we need to reach a new understanding of how the brain constructs reality the way it appears to us. Why? Because our very perception is a precursor of that self-same reality.

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