Weekly Neuroscience Update


Missing out on a night’s sleep causes “robust alterations” in the functional connectivity of the brain, according to a new paper in Neuroimage.

Two genetic variants previously linked to Alzheimer’s disease have been more specifically tied to brain atrophy that is characteristic of the disease.

Researchers have identified the specific brain circuit that wakes us from sleep, and it could have great implications for the future of sleep disorder therapies.

Researchers have measured intriguing differences in the brain connectivity of individuals with internet gaming disorder.

New findings show that the brain devotes more processing resources to social situations that signal threat than those that are benign.

Researchers have discovered how to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease with more than 82 per cent accuracy by evaluating the interplay between four linguistic factors; and developing automated technology to detect these impairments.

Cumulative exposure to stress hormones affects the regulation of genes associated with aging and age-related diseases.

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