Watch a Person with #Dementia Use a #MindMap to Communicate (Time Lapse Video)

Hubaisms: Bloopers, Deleted, Director's Cut

This is the most important blog post I have made to date.

I have espoused mind mapping as a way for those with early- and mid-stage dementia to continue to think and communicate using visual associations and judgments for several years now.

I can imagine that many have the reaction, “it can’t be done.” The video shows that it can.

The following is a time-lapse 39 minute video of a mind map being drawn “from scratch” with no prior thinking about the topic or rehearsal. The only thing decided before the map was started was its title (gotta start somewhere). Every 8 seconds of elapsed time is portrayed as 1 second, so the 39 minute elapsed time of the mind map development was compressed to 5 minutes.

The mind map artist was an individual with dementia who has been doing a lot of mind mapping since 2011 to deal with…

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