Eight BRAIN MAP tips for 2015 (Infographic)

Brain Map

1. Be curious, engage your brain – watch/listen to the News in another language, wear

you watch upside down, use your non-preferred hand to brush your teeth/hair, try

spelling words backwards, when driving – switch off the Sat Nav and take different

routes into town/work.

2. Reduce psychological stress. Combine exercise with sensory stimulation by walking

through the local village/town/city on your way to/from work and focus your

attention by noticing things. Frequent meditation will also help focus attention

thereby preventing distraction by random fears/worries.

3. Avoid infection and deal with it vigorously when it happens.

4. Immerse yourself in what you love doing until it generates flow and watch time fly.

5. Nutrition, eat well but eat less and skip desert. Coffee/tea can help focus attention.


6. Mind your head, avoid head injury and wear a helmet or a seatbelt.

7. Agree to make a start (often the most difficult part).

8. Positivity is the key. Adopt an optimistic outlook on life even if you don’t believe it.


..and finally, when it comes to your brain –

you either use it or lose it.

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