Mental Health and Well-Being for Mind and Brain

Why do some of us show only minor effects of stress while others show a more severe and disabling mental and physical decline? This slide share presentation explains how you can use your brain to recognise stress and manage it so as to benefit yourself and others in your lives.

Topics addressed include (i) understanding the brain and how it processes emotions, (ii) understanding psychological stress including its sources and consequences and (iii) reducing and preventing stress through the practice of mindfulness (awareness), cognitive restructuring (recognising your thoughts), diet, exercise and progressive relaxation.

Click here for audio recording of a workshop presentation to students and faculty at the Flinders University Department of Education, Adelaide, South Australia.


Alzheimer’s Disease – and Ways to Avoid it

Why do some people age gracefully, showing only minor and at worst, frustrating cognitive changes, while others show a more severe and disabling memory decline such as that seen in Alzheimer’s disease?

Today, as part of the Limerick Lifelong Festival, I gave a talk on the factors that trigger Alzheimer’s and described  how diet and exercise can help to prevent the disease and promote quality of life.  I will be writing more on this topic in the coming days.